Best Golf Equipment (All Time Favorite)


I pretty much have access to most golf equipment I need. I can search the internet from the most common ones up to the upgraded versions as well. I can test everything out. However, when it comes to what I am usually using, these are the things that I think is the best equipment out in the market so far.

I currently like using PING G400 Max driver. That’s because there are times when you put a driver into the golf course, it doesn’t quite work. There are moments that you can’t get on it. But with PING G400, every swing becomes better and better. It is lightweight which is advantageous for complicated movements and strokes. The handle feels comfortable, and everything about feels exceptional.

The Cobra King Forged Iron sleek design is a must-have. It supports a good handicap shot in all fairness. It has an entirely lovely and comfortable feel that somehow makes every swing precise and not at all intense. It doesn’t make the ball fly too high. It somehow brings precision so golfers can use run shots around the field.

The TaylorMade P790 UDI 2-iron is one of my favorites. Though not everyone will agree with me, ever since I started using TM P790, my success rate went up. It is beneficial in some remarkably narrow tee shots. If the course is not overly long, there is somehow an assurance to hit the golf ball nice and straight. The 2-iron P790 does not spin too much and hit quite low at peak moments. It does not encourage a destructive miss, so it preferably is one of the best choices.

The 22-degree PING G400 4 Hybrid is one of the most sought-after clubs that golfers would love. Everyone would aim to hit a particular fall, and this hybrid delivers it. There’s a possible hit off the tee with this four-iron hybrid. PING G400 sits comfortably flat to the ground which is great for an easy sweep. It is a tight fairway that suits better even on the rough field.


Next is the Callaway Big Bertha OS. It is a 19-degree three hybrid golf club. It was released in 2016 but still counts as one of the best clubs in the market. Using this feels like hitting further with precise shots. It has a bulky and sturdy appearance that is very useful in hitting off the tee. It has a special shaft fitting that is great off the deck and out of the rough surfaces. It is reasonably compact and versatile as well.

When it’s about putters, the Taylormade SpiderTour Red is the best choice. If you haven’t tried it yet, consider a putter fitting. From there, you will see that the alignment is beneficial for a better aim. You will feel comfortable with it because it has a nice feel. Everything about its face, weight, and shape are perfect for mild to extreme use. It’s not overly massive, so there’s no need to worry about the grip.

For the wedges, there is the Titleist Vokey SM7 that goes on a 54 to 58-degree. It has an advantageous gapping that adds versatility on golfer’s move while at the field. Golfers will feel the right grind and bounce that are conveniently perfect for every swing. It is wide, so it fits perfect on rough surfaces as well. It hits the ball with excellent chances of precision due to the fuller shots it gives.


You don’t always need to have the latest types of equipment in golf. Whether your clubs and drivers are two or three years old, they will still manage to do their job.