Best Golf Irons In 2018


A lot of golf enthusiasts experience a problem when it comes to choosing the best golf club sets. Sometimes, it even takes golfers time to figure out what they want and what they like to have. So to ease up the burden, we handed out the best golf irons that will perfectly match each golfer’s preferences.

There’s a new iron that fits in a position in the best golf clubs in 2018. It’s an excellent edition of Titleist AP3. The thing to like about it is the blended gap between its predecessors AP1 and AP2. It still has the forgiveness and power of AP1 but also maintains the sleek design of the previous version AP2. You will have higher, middle, and low handicappers due to its overall finish.

The new Cleveland CBX Irons pretty much suits the taste of some meticulous golfers. It allows a comfortable stroke due to its longer length. The forgiveness and power deliver well too. It looks spotless and sleek. Though it appears to be a little bit low in numbers, the performance is still impressive.

When it’s about precision, forgiveness, and power, the Callaway X Forged Irons seem to be on one of the top spots. The design fits well for those better golfers.  It is lightweight which allows a more comfortable and convenient feel. Though it beginners might experience a little off about it, it still performs well even in the hands of lower handicap golfers as well.


The standard irons Cobra F8 is a massive hit for golfers because it offers precise forgiveness, distance, and ease of hitting. Everything about its look is also astonishing. The design is made for the extensive amount of ability that caters high to low handicappers as well. Cobra F8 is the best choice for golfers who prefer comfortability and style.

Taking a spot in the best iron list is the Mizuno MP-18 SC. It looks outstanding. But the great thing about it is its blended design from the MB Bladed irons and The MCC. The combination allows a much attractive appearance with a stronger impression. MP-18 feels great and looks fantastic as well. It has a superb performance that golfers will surely appreciate.

One of the most popular irons clubs in the market today is the PING G700. When these came out, golfers went crazy over it. Perhaps that’s due to the impressive performance of its previous predecessors. The latest PING G700 supports the best forgiveness set in 2018. Though it didn’t quite sound perfect for others due to its hollow-head design, the performance is still unremarkably precise and striking.

If you haven’t known it yet, the Wilson FG Tour V6 irons will surprise you with its performance. It’s not the most classic-looking iron you’ll see in the market, but once you try and test it, you will know how impressive it is.

It is a tight list iron that most people often forget about. Well, it doesn’t very much go into the radar, but when it comes to impressive qualities, it contains a lot. The Titleist 718 CB is the most underrated irons clubs in the market because it is soft lofted. However, most golf experts will know how uniquely superb its performance is. It’s as if the grip, length, and overall appearance are entirely made with the combination of the top available iron golf clubs.


This golf club is one of the best looking irons available in the market that golfers dreamt of having. That’s the PING i200. It is a great club that allows you to feel convenience, power, and precision at the same time. It fits different types of golfers because of its clean and simple design.

For the finale, we have the TaylorMade P790. Almost all golfers agree to its good reviews due to the perfection of its quality. It is everything a golfer wants in a club. The comfortable feeling is phenomenal, not to mention that it looks so sexy and stunning

So there you have it. These are the list of the best of the best golf irons you must have this 2018.