Know Your Golf Clubs


When playing golf, there is never a piece of equipment as essential as having golf clubs. However, its sheer number and variety make it difficult in figuring what type of clubs is the right set for a particular game. The only thing that could help golfers in this situation is by learning about the distinct types of golf clubs and their effects. Knowing every characteristic and specialty of golf clubs allows golfers to find the best that fits their style and needs.

Types of Clubs

There are various types of golf clubs, and people use it to play amateur and competitive games. It will be a bit hard to understand it at first, but golfers eventually get accustomed to using them. We will try to enumerate the types of golf clubs players use. With a bit of this information, there’s an assurance to see advancements regarding club handling.


  • Putters

It is one of the essential clubs that golfers often use when the ball is in the green area. Its primary use is to make the ball roll on the ground and carefully not make flight power shots. Meaning, golfers will be using this to try rolling the ball to a specific place most of the times. Depending on sizes, shapes, and appearance, there are putters with a chip wedge design that players can use for short ball hops.

  • Irons

Irons are good for doing mid to short range shots. It is the type of club suitable for high flight shots with shorter target distance. It allows the ball to land from its flight without rolling too far away from the landing area. It secures a place for the ball in the field. Beginners are advised to choose larger heads due to its larger sweet spot which will give more allowance for mistakes.

  • Drivers

This type of club is suitable for long-range shots that launch the golf ball towards the fairway. It gives the most extended range among other types of golf clubs as well. It belongs to the category called golf woods because it supports a spin on the golf ball every time it gets hit. Using drivers for power shots is the best way to utilize its quality.

  • Fairway Wood

Also belongs to the category of golf woods, there is the fairway. It can also launch golf balls toward the green as drivers do. However, compared to the latter, fairway wood clubs are better in making mid-range shots. That’s due to the lesser power it gives compared to drivers. It allows the golfer better control towards the ball. Due to its unique trait, it is one of the club preferences for direct shots toward the green area.

  • Wedges

Wedges technically belong to the category of irons, but they have more than 45 degrees loft which makes them a bit special. Wedges are suitable for short and tricky shots such as shots out of the bunker. Steel wedges are durable which are great for controlled shots due to the added weight. It becomes easier to control. On the other hand, graphite wedges are more comfortable to swing due to its lighter weight. In choosing the type of wedge, always go for the one that suits your playing style and overall strength to be able to maximize its effectiveness.


Knowing the type of clubs is essential knowledge that every player of golf needs. It helps in reducing mistakes when playing thus improving the game result. But remember; do not mistake knowledge from familiarity. Familiarity comes with constant usage while knowledge comes from observation. Combine these two concepts, and there will be a definite advantageous result.