Mindfulness On The Course

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Golf is both a mental and emotional game.  You must not let your negative thoughts rule over you when playing your game.  Mindfulness meditation can help you overpower your anxiety and clear your mind when the on-course scenario starts to unnerve you.

It is essential when you know how to accept what you are feeling instead of fighting it.  Meditation mindfulness is a way to do that.    According to a psychologist, Michael Gervais, the goal is not just for you to have awareness, but to have an insight into what you feel.  Understanding your emotions, sensation, and how you make progress concerning the environment surrounding you.

Right Attitude Matters

Whenever something goes wrong on the field, golfers tend to do more and overthink, when what you are supposed to do is just do less, move away gently from the hazard and complications, get out of your way, and give it your best swing.

Having the right attitude helps golfers think clearly despite interference, crowd’s noise, and pressure.

Changing Habits

Golf is not just about being present on the course and hitting your shots.  It’s being involved with open attention on what’s happening on the present.  A mindful state of mind helps you observe your thoughts and feelings, not judging them as bad or good.

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Live in that very moment, and let every experience awaken your senses.  Pay attention to every single happening and experience by making yourself aware of everything you are doing the moment you are doing it.

Rule Over Your Thoughts

The lake on the fairway often makes a player panic.  Should I hit on the right or the left side?  Most balls end up on the lake or the bushes as the player got mixed up of where they wanted their ball to go.

When you end up on the lake, don’t blame yourself.   The thoughts and images will not leave you, but don’t let it ruin your whole game.  Don’t let it overpower you.

Hazards are common in the course.  You’ll meet one or more as you go.  Mindfulness allows you to concentrate, aiming to hit farther away from those hazards, not getting confused about ending up in a lake or bushes.

Tame Your Stress


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A golf course is a place of stress.  Stress is always the result of everything that’s happening.  Mindfulness trains your mind to broaden the chasm between what you are feeling and your reaction.  This allows you to think first and process how you should react when something you don’t expect happens.

Practicing mindfulness, holding on to your breathing and posture securely to be in the moment, will stop your mind from wandering somewhere else.  Breathing and posture can relax your mind and body allowing you to think with clarity.

The only time you can give your best shot is now.  This hole in front of you is your only chance, not the hole behind you and certainly not the next one.   Allowing yourself to accept your feelings instead of running from it will put you at ease, making you feel confident with your shots.  Think of your now, concentrate in this very place, and with confidence, give it your best shot in this very hole.

Mindfulness is about learning to evaluate your feelings, your thoughts, and your shots without being judgmental.   Things beyond our control can sometimes happen.  What matters is the ability to get back on your feet and enjoy your walk on the course.